Lifehacker recently posted a AutoHotkey script for windows that allows text navigation using letters instead of the arrow keys. In response to @wersdaluv's post, I wrote a very simple script that allows users to navigate text using the standard vim keys (hjkl) when the caps-lock key is toggled. Feel free and add to my very basic script


  1. Download my script (via copy and paste) from here. Lost (comment if found).
  2. Save the script somewhere where you will not delete it and mark it as executable (chmod u+x /path/to/
  3. Add the script to the startup programs with the argument init (i.e. /path/to/ init). If you don't know how to add startup programs in your Desktop Environment, Google it.
  4. Assign F13 (the now remapped capslock key), as a hotkey in your window manager. Set the command to '/path/to/ toggle'. Again, if you don't know how to add a hotkey, Google it.
  5. Now either log out and then in or run '/path/to/ init' in order to remap the capslock key.
  6. Pressing the capslock key should now toggle navigation mode.
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