Lifehacker recently posted a AutoHotkey script for windows that allows text navigation using letters instead of the arrow keys. In response to @wersdaluv's post, I wrote a very simple script that allows users to navigate text using the standard vim keys (hjkl) when the caps-lock key is toggled. Feel free and add to my very basic script


  1. Download my script (via copy and paste) from ~~here~~. Lost (email if found).
  2. Save the script somewhere where you will not delete it and mark it as executable (chmod u+x /path/to/
  3. Add the script to the startup programs with the argument init (i.e. /path/to/ init). If you don't know how to add startup programs in your Desktop Environment, Google it.
  4. Assign F13 (the now remapped capslock key), as a hotkey in your window manager. Set the command to '/path/to/ toggle'. Again, if you don't know how to add a hotkey, Google it.
  5. Now either log out and then in or run '/path/to/ init' in order to remap the capslock key.
  6. Pressing the capslock key should now toggle navigation mode.