Just in case anyone is interested, here is my new desktop layout.


This theme works with 1280x800 screens. (If you have a different size screen, you will have to modify it)

Download: theme.tar.gz

Font: Droid Sans

Panel: tint2

  • Install from this PPA
  • the tint2rc file (from my theme package) to "~/.config/tint2/"

Background: custom (includes panel and conky backgrounds)

  • Either use my background (background.png) or replace the background layer in background.xcf with your own image and save it as a png.


System Information and Calendar.

You can find them in the theme package.

To install:

  • Create a new folder "~/.conky/"

  • Copy "cal.conkyrc", "cal.py" and "system.conkyrc" to "~/.conky/"

  • Add a new startup item sh -c "conky -d -c ~/.conky/system.conkyrc; conky -d -c ~/.conky/cal.conkyrc"


  • Metacity: Nooto
  • GTK2: Ghostship
  • Icons: Elementary